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Alex Robba, Pittsburgh Wedding Cake Artist

Not many people can say they have known what they wanted to be when they grew up and have stuck to it, but Alex Robba wasn’t one of those people. This Pittsburgh wedding cake artist has been following his dream since the age of 10.

A wedding cake can truly be a work of art, and if you’re working with this amazing talent, it will be nothing short of amazing. And while we haven’t had to chance to work with Alex a ton, when he pulls his artistic pieces of work out of the box, we have a jaw dropping reaction every time. From reading wedding cake books and watching shows, to enrolling in local cake decorating courses to enrolling at L’Academie de Cuisine where Alex graduated at the top of this class, there isn’t anything this Pittsburgh wedding cake artist can’t do. His specialty: sugar paste flowers that look as good if not better than real flowers (without the wilting, according to Alex!)

We asked Alex and series of questions pertaining to his field and are so excited to share them with you!

Q: How long have you been in the wedding industry?
A: I’ve been in the industry professionally for three years, but I’ve been making and decorating cakes since I was 10.

Q: How would you define your style and ideal client?
A: My ideal style is sophisticated, ethereal and free. When I look at my ideal client they’re enthusiastic about sharing their ideas and don’t want to replicate a cake they like on Pinterest; they trust in my artistic vision.

Q: What is the most creative wedding cake you've seen/or a trend that you are loving right now?
A: Textured cakes that emulate aged stone or natural surfaces, I try not to dwell heavily upon other artists work so that my own is original to me, but sometimes I can't help myself from binging on those photos!

Q: Take us through your process with your clients from start to finish
A: After the initial contact we talk about pricing and availability. Then we schedule a tasting/design consultation.

During the consultation I aim to understand the couples aesthetic and connection with one another, and this will influence the design of their cake. And by the end of the consultation they (hopefully) decide on the cake flavor(s), and I'll capture what the cake needs to be in my mind.

I sketch out a design and send it to the client along with the proposal, which includes: the cake flavors, scale, price, event details, etc. If they accept the proposal, we solidify their date and from there I may start working on the sugar flowers several weeks prior to the wedding if they wanted a heavy hand with the flower work (which I LOVE). As for the cakes, the production will begin the week of their wedding.

Alex loves to specialize in gum paste flowers, and we should note that it can take at least 30 minutes to make a single stem! That’s a lot of time and labor intensive work for Alex!

Q: What is one thing you wish couples knew before selecting their wedding cake?
A: Just how much time can go into a cake that is custom-tailored to fit their aesthetic, their wedding and reflect their relationship.

Q: Do you find most couples understand cake pricing? 
A: Pricing is always the first question I get when a potential client first reaches out and I don't think many realize the extent of time one cake can take to produce and the justification for the cost.

Q: What recommendations can you give me to maximize their budget?
A: The more cutting cake the better on the budget. Get a smaller tiered cake than you need to serve all the guests and supplement with sheet cakes. Rent our stands & set-up for family desserts (if you need stands and if your venue doesn't provide) we have incredibly low rental rates and you're paying us to deliver anyways! Buttercream decorated cakes are always less expensive than fondant decorated cakes, so try to steer towards those designs. There's so much that can be done with buttercream that's not dated and can be quite expressive!

Q: What is your favorite cookie recipe to make? (We are suckers for the cookie table, of course!)
A: Christina Tosi's Corn Cookie Recipe, they're heavenly.

Alex Robba’s exquisite gum paste flowers on wedding cake | Pittsburgh Wedding Planners Exhale Events

We can’t say enough about Alex and how his fine art aesthetic fits our brand (and hopefully our clients!) to a tee. While he’s new to the Pittsburgh area, we don’t think it will be long before he is in high demand. His artwork is one of a kind and something that you don’t see often. When we think about fully branding a client’s event, the cake is one place where impact can happen, and Alex is the person for the job. We were so amazed by his hand painted cake he did for an editorial with beautiful sugar flowers made by hand. You can tell he lives and breathes his passion. Additionally, his attention to detail makes us love him even more, plus he’s one of the most genuine people we’ve met in a long time, and his cakes are AH-mazing tasting as well!

If you’re looking for a fine art cake artist in Pittsburgh, Alex is your guy!

Be sure to follow is work at @alexrobbacake or visit his website at

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