Reflecting and Looking Ahead…

Exhale Events wedding planning company based in Pittsburgh, PA and Buffalo NY look forward to planning for 2019 brides

Another trip around the sun, and we finished the first week of 2019 feeling refreshed and ready to tackle wedding season. It’s crazy to think that 2018 has come and gone - but it will always be a year to remember.

We successfully completed our first full wedding season in Pittsburgh and have even started to grow in Buffalo. We’re happy to say that 2019 brings more weddings to both of our hometowns and is allowing us to showcase and flex our skills even further in new venues. Each and everyone one of our clients taught us something new about the industry and most importantly who we were as a brand. As we continued to go through the season, and after a few strategy sessions with some fairy god mothers (as we like to call them!) we came into our own and rebranded to be a better representation of the two of our personalities, how we want our brand to be conveyed, and most importantly to better attract the right clients. To top it off, we were voted Pittsburgh Magazine’s Best Wedding Planner and also were awarded Best of the Knot for 2019.

Our couples were amazing - and one of our favorite moments is sending them down the aisle to their loved one to begin the next chapter in their love story. Each one unique and different, they trusted us with the culmination of such an important journey. Showing them their space, and watching their faces light up during both the big and little moments were truly impactful to us, and while they were the ones saying thank you at the end of the night, rest assured we left feeling equally as grateful.

We’ve also enjoyed working with each and everyone one of our “friendors” who we’ve come across this year. From styled shoots, to weddings, to everything else in between - we are so lucky to have such an uplifting and supportive community that helped us to grow and indirectly helped shape who we are. One of our own goals this year is to get more involved with the community and be more present when doing so. We can’t wait to make more magic happen again this wedding season.

Assistants - oh where would we be with out you all! Thank you for putting up with our (sometimes) very crazy requests and ensuring that our clients have what they need. You have all made wedding day’s flawless and we are so proud you are a part of Team Exhale!

Of course, this all wouldn't be possible without the support and love of our family and friends. They often deal with our absence in late night meetings, working weekends for extended periods of time and dealing with the insanity that we love (aka wedding season!). Working for yourself means that they are often the ear that you complain to, and even though we have each other, family is equally a part of who Exhale is, because at the end of the day when you think about it, our job is creating an event to mark the joining of two families to start a new leaf on the tree.

Having a sidekick in this crazy wedding world allows us to pause and reflect on how our strengths continue to compliment each other while simultaneously supporting one another so we can improve on our weaknesses. We always compare our journey to a train ride; for both of us there were many routes traveled and even some missed connections that brought us to this same train, so it’s been comforting to find someone to ride next to and enjoy the view of this adventure together.

As we look towards 2019, we are ticking away at our to do list for our upcoming weddings and can’t wait to showcase our 2019 brides. We also have set our own internal company goals in addition to personal goals.

We’re committed to continually providing a one of a kind experience for our clients and can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!


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